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Statement & balance information

Look at this section if you require a copy statement, a part year statement, redemption or closing statement for your mortgage account. This section may also help you if you have a query after receiving your annual mortgage statement or a query with the balance on your mortgage account.

Our contact details for any queries are as follows:

Birmingham Midshires Mortgage Servicing
PO Box 833

0345 300 2627

Mortgage interim statements

This statement is manually produced upon your request and covers the period from the start of your current statement year to the date the statement is produced.

It shows all transactions made during this period. We also detail the opening balance and provide the interest figure applicable. You can order a mortgage interim statement at any time by telephone or letter.

When should I receive my annual mortgage statement?

Your statement is sent to you on a yearly basis within four weeks of the anniversary of your account start date. If you had more than one account on a single property, we will issue your statement based on the start date of the oldest account. For example, if you had one account that started in October 2009 and another that started in May 2012, your annual statement date will be October.

What is a sub-account?

Your mortgage may be split into multiple parts called sub-accounts. Each sub-account may have a different repayment method, interest rate and term.

The total monthly payment is made up of all the sub-account payments. When the total monthly payment comes in, we split it to give each sub-account the amount it needs. If you overpay or underpay, each sub-account is given its share of the total amount received.

Your next statements will be using your new account numbers. If we've combined any accounts under one account number, you'll receive one statement. In future, your statement will show all the sub-accounts that make up your account. Your annual statement will show the following information for each sub-account:

  • Sub-account number
  • Opening and closing balance
  • Interest rate and rate type (fixed or variable)
  • Total credits and debits.

What are sub-accounts 98 and 99?

Sub-account 99 holds fees. Some customers may also have a sub-account 98 if they have a mortgage account fee.

The interest rate, repayment method and term of sub-account 99 will be the same as the interest rate, repayment method and term of your first open sub-account.

How much can I overpay by, without being charged early repayment charges?

If you have a mortgage without early repayment charges you can overpay unlimited sums on your mortgage each year.

For any sub-account where an early repayment charge applies, currently as a concession, in each calendar year you can make regular or lump sum overpayments of up to 10% of the amount owed at 1st January without having to pay an early repayment charge. For example, on a mortgage balance of £200,000 you can overpay by up to £20,000 as either a lump sum or regular monthly overpayments in one calendar year.

Why have you charged me an early repayment charge?

If your mortgage agreement is subject to an early repayment charge, we will apply the early repayment charge in the following circumstances:

  • You have made one or more overpayments totalling over 10% of your mortgage balance in one year.
  • You have repaid your mortgage in full before any early repayment charges which were present on the account have expired.

Why am I charged more interest in some months than others?

Your interest is calculated on a daily basis, which means that the number of days in each individual month determine the number of days' worth of interest charged. For example, January has 31 days and February has 28 days (or 29 in a leap year), this means the interest for each month will be different.

Where your mortgage is on a repayment basis each monthly payment you make to your mortgage reduces the overall balance we use to calculate interest, the amount of interest charged reduces accordingly.

Why is my mortgage balance increasing?

There are a number of reasons your mortgage balance may increase including:

  • Your monthly payments have not been made
  • Your monthly payments are only partially made
  • If any additional fees have been added to the mortgage
  • If you have had a payment holiday.

If your mortgage balance has decreased, this may be due to previous overpayments made.

Closing statements

When your mortgage redeems you can order a closing statement free of charge. This statement covers the period from the start of your final statement year up to the date of redemption. It shows all transactions made during this period. We also detail the opening balance and provide the interest figure applicable for this period.

You can order your closing statement at any time by telephone or letter. Please note that if you've changed address since your mortgage account closed, you'll need to confirm the correct address in writing for us to send your statement to.

Copy statement requests

We can provide copies of any annual or anniversary statements for you. You can order a copy of your mortgage statement at any time by telephone or letter.

Statement queries

If you have any queries regarding your anniversary statement, firstly please refer to the notes enclosed with your statement as these may answer your query without the need for you to contact us. Alternatively, please contact us by telephone or letter and we will be happy to help you.

Redemption statement requests

A redemption statement details how much we require from you to close your loan account on or before a specified date. You may require this for information purposes or because you intend to close your account. You can order a redemption statement at any time by telephone or letter. Please remember to specify the date that you'd like us to calculate your figure up to. Also, if applicable, tell us if you'd like the figure to be based on your insurance policy being cancelled or continued at redemption.

Once produced we'll send you the redemption statement along with a breakdown. The breakdown will show you what the redemption figure comprises of.

Solicitors who are a member of the Lloyds Banking Group Panel can request redemption statements using this form.

Redemption statements will be returned via fax within 3 hours.

Balance enquiries

If you have any queries regarding the balance outstanding on your account please contact us by telephone or letter. We will then be happy to help you.

If your query is regarding why has the balance increased, have you checked the following things?

  1. Does your statement detail all of your correct monthly payments, and have these all been made in full?
  2. Have any fees been added to your account?
  3. Have you had any payment holidays?

How do I pay off my mortgage in full?

You can repay your mortgage in full at any time, as long as you also pay any early repayment charges that apply.

To ask us for the total amount needed to repay your mortgage, please call to request a redemption statement on 0345 300 2627. We're open 8am until 8pm Monday to Friday and 9am until 1pm on Saturdays (closed on Sundays and Bank Holidays). We will ask you what date you want to repay your mortgage so we can give you an exact figure that includes all costs and charges up to that date.

You don't need to use a conveyancer to repay your mortgage if your property is in England, Wales or Northern Ireland as we will make arrangements to remove our charge at the Land Registry.

If your property is in Scotland you will need to instruct a solicitor to prepare discharge documents for the Registers of Scotland which will enable our charge to be removed. If you are already using a conveyancer, perhaps because you are moving house, they will usually ask us for the amount needed to repay your mortgage and will deal with repaying it.

For telephone line opening times, please read the information in our contact section. Calls may be monitored and recorded for security and training purposes.

Our tracker rate mortgages are linked to Bank of England Bank Rate (also known as Bank of England repo rate). Details of this rate can be found on the Bank of England website or in the Financial Times or other leading newspapers.

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